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UF Students Prefer Upscale Student Housing

Gainesville Student Living

Throughout the last few several years, students are opting for luxury apartments. Some may wonder what the reason for this shift is when students have the option for on-campus housing. The answer is quite simple. Luxury apartments in Gainesville, FL are much better. They provide students with the resources to gain a well rounded and successful college experience. Each feature helps ensure a different aspect to the ideal lifestyle.

Internet Cafe and Study Lounges

The goal of a college student is to discover the career path that matches their skills and passions. Therefore, it is critical that each student has an environment that facilitates learning and motivates them to study. At The Standard at Gainesville, we have a computer lab that houses both Macs and PCs as well as printers to help you when your computer breaks the day before your paper is due.

Fitness Facilities

College can be a stressful time where you learn to balance the time requirements for studying, cooking for yourself and making friends. However, your health should not stand on the back burner. If you are able to take care of yourself, you will be better able to focus in class and get the energy you need to study. Luxury student housing near UF provides fitness facilities to help you remain healthy. At The Standard at Gainesville, you can get the physical activity you need without having to go to the overcrowded gyms such as Southwest and Student Rec. We even offer yoga and spin classes.


Whether you need to go to the convenience store to pick up a few necessities or your are craving your favorite food but do not have time to drive to a different location, luxury Gainesville apartments provide the solution. The Standard at Gainesville has a relationship with a variety of stores and restaurants that are located on the property so you can get the resources you need without having to leave. This is ideal for students who do not have cars or have limited time because of a busy schedule.

Gameroom and Pool

Though it is true that academics and health should take priority, it is also important for you to make friends and have fun. Luxury UF student apartments attempt to facilitate that by providing facilities that will encourage social interaction. For example, The Standard at Gainesville has a gameroom and Golf simulator where you can enjoy playing video games with friends or other residents. The rooftop pool is perfect for a relaxing and stress relieving study break.

Luxury Student Apartment in Gainesville, FL

Though luxury student living does involve amenities such as swimming pools and tanning beds, it is so much more than that. As opposed to traditional Gainesville student housing, luxury apartments help students get the best grades possible and remain healthy. Further, they also tend to include services that you would otherwise be forced to pay elsewhere that helps them to be more affordable for the student lifestyle. Contact The Standard at Gainesville today for a tour and you too can live in luxury.

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