When to Look for College Apartments

Though many people want to live in on-campus UF housing for the experience, there is only so long you can withstand such cramped living quarters. Whether you decide to look for off campus after your first year or you wish to look for an apartment for your freshman year, you will need to know when to begin looking for housing. The key is to begin as early as possible or your perfect choice may no longer be available.

Determine Housing Schedule

Each city has a different leasing schedule depending on the demographics. In Gainesville, the majority of residents are students. Therefore, one year contracts tend to begin in August and end in July. With this setup, you will have the option to remain in your UF student apartments for the summer or not. Because there are so many students, there can often be competition over the best apartments in Gainesville for UF students. Therefore, you will want to make sure you begin looking early depending on the type of leases they offer. If they have move-in ready contracts and you want to move in August, try to make a decision by May or June. However, if they have a waiting list or if their residents sign a year in advance, you will want to search the year before you are ready to move. Keep in mind that even if you are attempting to sign by a certain date, you will want to look at and tour apartments much earlier because sometimes it takes time to make a final decision.

Gainesville Residents

Even if it is not time for you to begin actively searching for apartments near UF, you should still be aware of different options. Take advantage of the fact that you live in town and have friends who currently rent from various apartments. When you are driving around Gainesville, keep an eye out for areas of town that you would enjoy living in so that you can narrow down your search. Further, ask your friends what they think of their apartments so you can get an insider’s perspective.

Out-of-State Students

If you do not live in the area, your task to find housing becomes much more difficult. However, there are plenty of tools available to make your job easier. Utilize the availability of Gainesville student living websites to find reviews, floor plans, leasing dates and some even provide virtual tours. Because you will be searching from a distance, you will want to begin looking even sooner because it may take longer to communicate fully with each property.

Renting in Gainesville, FL

Make sure you and your roommates begin searching for student housing in Gainesville as early as possible. Each of you have different priorities so it may take time to find an option that meets them and is available. The Standard at Gainesville has everything a student could want such as spacious, individual rooms, furnished apartments, fitness center, high speed internet, security and a rooftop pool. Contact us today to schedule your tour!

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