What You Should Know About Renting in Gainesville

Before making the move to attend college in Gainesville, you should do some basic research to learn the best ways of finding and renting student housing. To help get you started, read this brief guide to renting apartments in the famous Florida city.

Renting an Apartment in Gainesville, FL

Location is one of the most important factors in choosing apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL. The part of town that you prefer will depend on your preferences and lifestyle. Each section has various advantages and disadvantages that various students will prioritize over others.

Downtown Gainesville

If you prefer the urban feel, you will want to live Downtown. It has plenty of culture and activities to keep you busy. In Downtown Gainesville, you will find local businesses, boutiques, a farmers market and festivals. Further, if you enjoy going out, this area has a vibrant night life. However, parking can definitely be difficult to find so it is best if your Gainesville student living provides parking.

Northwest Gainesville

This area of town is located near Santa Fe College but it is relatively far from UF. Therefore, if you are a UF student, you may want to live elsewhere. There are plenty of housing options, but you will not find large luxury apartments in this area. The bus does not go as many places so if you live here, you will want to have a car for transportation.

Midtown Gainesville

Midtown is one of the closest areas to UF campus. There are a variety of UF housing options such as large apartment complexes and houses for rent. In Midtown, you will be a short walk or bike ride to campus and you will be surrounded by budget friendly restaurants and shops. Because of the large amount of students in the area, you will have a thriving atmosphere and there will always be something to do. However, parking is extremely limited so you will want to choose housing that provides parking.

Sorority & South Gainesville

This area of town is conveniently located close to downtown, midtown and Archer Road. However, some parts of it are less developed and you will need to travel farther to reach your destinations. If you enjoy a quieter atmosphere, you will appreciate less foot traffic.

Archer Road

Archer Road is home to countless stores and eateries. You will not have any need that this area will not provide. However, because it is so developed, there tends to be a lot of traffic and this section lacks some charm. While you will have your pick between plenty of UF student apartments, you will need to travel farther to campus by car or bus.

West Gainesville

West Gainesville has a great variety of Gainesville student apartments that you can choose from. Each offers activities that will provide you with opportunities to socialize with other students and have fun. This location contains The Oaks Mall and is close to both 34th Street and Newberry Road, which are home to many delicious restaurants. While you can ride your bike or the bus to travel around town, it would be better to own a car.

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