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Breaking a Lease

Considerations to Make Before Breaking a Housing Contract

Though you do not wish for it, sometimes you have a terrible experience at an apartment. Perhaps the management seems unfair or you have an awful roommate that you no longer want to live with or perhaps you heard about The Standard at Gainesville and would rather live there. However, before you break your housing contract at your apartments in Gainesville, it is important to think about it carefully.


First, you will want to consider why you want to move out of your student housing near UF. If you have a valid reason for moving out, your landlord will likely be reasonable when letting you out of your housing contract. Credible motivations may include a medical withdrawal from school or being called into the military. However, if your logic is shallow such as not liking your decor or you want to move in with your significant other, your landlord will be less understanding. They will also most likely charge you extremely high fees.

Provide Evidence

If you do have a valid reason, you must be able to prove it. Unfortunately, there are many dishonest tenants who attempt to take advantage of the system by lying to get what they want. You must have evidence that backs up your reason. Even if you do have proof, your UF housing landlord is under no obligation to let you break your housing contract because it is up to their discretion.

Alternative Options

Before making any drastic decisions, make every effort to avoid it. If your issue surrounds a roommate or neighbor, attempt to work it out with them and if your problem is with the apartment, talk to the staff. Gainesville apartments want to have a good reputation and understand the word of mouth is valuable within the college community. Therefore, they strive to make their residents happy and will do what they can to help you resolve your concern.


If you are unable to figure out a solution so you can stay, try to find someone to sublet your apartment. Someone else will take over your contract for the rest of your contract. This will help you to move out without any negative effects.

Effect on Your Credit

If all else fails and you must break your contract, your credit will be negatively impacted. Breaking a housing contract is considered leaving debt unpaid. As a young adult, you are still building your credit. Consequently, it may become more difficult to qualify to live somewhere else in the future.

Gainesville Student Apartments

If you were to find yourself in an unpleasant situation with your Gainesville apartment complex, take time to make sure your decision is worth it and consider all of the possible alternatives. In the future, take the time to make sure you are completely satisfied with your student housing Gainesville option, such as The Standard at Gainesville, before you sign your housing contract in order to avoid this situation.

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