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Types of Student Housing in Gainesville, FL

Types of Student Housing in Gainesville, FL

The variety of student housing options in Gainesville, FL, can be both a blessing and a curse. While you are sure to find an option that best suits your lifestyle and budget, you may not know where to begin. And if you’re impatient, you may decide to settle for a student apartment that doesn’t fit your lifestyle or budget. First you must determine which style of housing best suits your needs and desires. At The Standard at Gainesville, we want students to find the best student apartments so that they can succeed in college.

On-Campus Housing at the University of Florida

Living on-campus combines the convenience of location with the inconvenience of size. Dorms allow you to sleep in later while still making it on-time to your classes. You will not be forced to figure out how to get to campus or waste time commuting, which may happen if you live off campus. Dorms are also packed with students who are also looking for friends and you will always come into contact with others during your daily routine. Resident Assistants (RAs) are available to organize events and facilitate friendship. This may seem appealing when first moving to a new city.

Yet, there are inconvenient aspects associated with living in dorms. Because there are so many other students and such a limited amount of space, you may feel as if you never have time alone. This is especially true if you have one or more roommates who share your room. You will not have as much control over the decorations or when your friends can come over. Residence halls also commonly have rules that further impede your autonomy.

Off Campus Housing in Gainesville

When you live off campus, you will enjoy more space than in a dorm. Many off campus options allow you to have your own room and ample amount of space for your possessions. Having your own room will allow you to have guests over whenever you please without worrying about waking a sleeping roommate. Your freedom is also overall enhanced by living off campus. There will be no RAs keeping track of your actions or enforcing dorm policies. Instead, you will be free to live as you please. Student housing near UF also tends to be more affordable than its on-campus equivalent. Most apartments also have amenities, unavailable to students in dorms, that increase the quality of life.

However, by definition, you are not living on campus. Many students will need to find a way to and from school everyday. Thankfully, in Gainesville, RTS has an efficient bus system that covers most of the city. Yet, it will still take more time than if you were able to walk to campus.

Luxury apartments in Gainesville, FL provide you with the freedom of apartments without the commute of living off campus. Though it is technically off campus, the convenient location of The Standard at Gainesville allows you to walk to campus in no time.

Living In a House Near UF

Houses are bigger than the average apartment; therefore, they also tend to be pet friendly and provide plenty of space for pets to run around. Many houses in Gainesville have a yard which is nice for a grill or soaking in some sun while doing homework. Houses are freestanding so you will not need to worry about loud neighbors infringing on your sleep.

Yet, there are disadvantages to this option as well. Because houses are bigger, they require more electricity and a higher demand for your HVAC system which will cause your utility bill to be higher. You will also have more surface areas to maintain and keep clean. With a house, you will need to ask your landlord about liability and responsibility. If something goes wrong, will your landlord fix it or will you have to? Who is responsible for making sure the lawn gets maintained?

The Standard at Gainesville is a UF housing option that offers areas for grilling, green space for throwing a frisbee or reading a book, as well as lawn maintenance. Here you can have the lifestyle you want without the daunting home-care responsibilities. The sturdy construction also ensures you will not be inconvenienced by your neighbors’ music choices. The Standard at Gainesville is pet friendly so your furry friend won’t be turned away.

Gainesville Student Apartments

Apartments are probably the most popular housing option for students. Large student apartment complexes provide many amenities that make student life much easier. For example, residents can enjoy features such as a pool, computer lab and exercise rooms to improve their college lives. Landlords make sure everything within your apartment is maintained and functioning properly. If something breaks, you will only need to call for a repair.

Yet, there are drawbacks to typical student apartments in Gainesville, FL. Most apartment complexes are located far away from campus which will make the commute more difficult and time consuming. The RTS bus stops many times and can easily get caught in traffic. Because there are so many people living in large complexes and parking is limited, it may be difficult to find a spot near your unit. Instead, you may be forced to walk a long distance.

However, The Standard at Gainesville is unique in that it is located close to campus. Here you can walk to class instead of taking the bus. It also has 12,000 parking spaces so you will never have to worry about finding a spot. The Standard at Gainesville has more than just the basic pool and gym; it also has many deluxe features such as rooftop pools, gaming rooms and clubhouse. At the same time, you will have the resources necessary to keep your grades up with study lounges and a cyber café.

Choose The Standard at Gainesville

There may be a multitude of Gainesville apartments, but at The Standard at Gainesville, you will find the best apartments in Gainesville for UF students. Once you see what we have to offer we know you’ll be ready to sign a housing contract. The Standard at Gainesville has advantages from all the different types of housing with no disadvantages. Come tour our luxurious apartment complex today and begin your enhanced college experience.

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