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How to Search for an Apartment in Gainesville, FL

Once you decide that you want to live off campus in Gainesville, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. While the vast number of UF housing options ensures that you can find an option that fits both your preferences and your budget, it can be difficult to know where to begin or what to look for. Here are several tips to help simplify the process.

Effective Student Apartment Hunting

Research Apartments Online

The Internet will be your most helpful tool when searching for apartments. The wording you use while online is very important to finding the right choice. While using terms such as “student apartments in Gainesville” and “apartments near UF” might give you access to a variety of websites, it is not very specific. Instead, make sure you add a few words about your preferences.

For instance, if it is vital that a fitness facility is provided or you want a furnished apartment, you will want to include these terms in your search. This will make your results more focused and expedite your search. Once you narrow it down to a few potential Gainesville apartments, peruse the websites to find reviews and pictures. Some may even offer virtual tours you can take without leaving your computer, which is especially useful if you do not live in Gainesville.

Ask Friends

Take advantage of your connections. If you know people who are currently renting apartments in Gainesville, FL, ask them for feedback. They can inform you about what it is actually like to live at each location, how management treats them and about the atmosphere. Your friends will give you honest feedback you can trust and will answer any questions you may have. Most likely, they have lived elsewhere as well, so by asking several different students you can get a well rounded perspective on various apartments.

Drive Around Town

If you currently live in Gainesville and are looking for University of Florida student housing, spend time driving around the town. Pictures only tell you so much so it is helpful to be able see what apartment complexes actually look like and their distance from other destinations. This is a helpful technique because you will be able to determine which part of Gainesville you prefer to live in first, and then look for housing within the borders. Therefore, you will not accidentally fall in love with one option and then realize it is too far from campus or is in an unsafe part of town.

Gainesville Luxury Apartments

Though hunting for Gainesville apartments near UF may be overwhelming at first, with a bit of time spent searching, you are sure to find the perfect for you you. For instance, The Standard at Gainesville offers a perfect balance to meet your social, health and academic needs. With a variety of floorplans, study lounges, fitness center, rooftop pool and VIP Lounge, you will have everything you need to create the best college memories.

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