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Relocation Guide for Gainesville & FAQs

Your Guide to Living in Gainesville, FL

The prospect of moving to a new city can be overwhelming. Though you will experience the excitement and adventure your new city has to offer, there is a lot that is unknown to you. Choosing to live in luxury apartments in Gainesville, FL, such as The Standard at Gainesville, will help to put your mind at ease. Everything you need is in one place, from a state-of-the-art fitness center and rooftop pool to study lounges and gaming rooms. With modern and spacious apartments, you may never have to leave your complex. However, you may still have questions about Gainesville. These are some common questions asked about Gainesville.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gainesville

The benefits of buying a parking decal depend on the person. If you are sure to use it multiple times throughout the week and do not like to use public transportation, parking on campus may be your best option. However, parking spaces are very limited which means you may find yourself frantically searching for a spot while late to class. If possible, the bus may be your best option; it is free and reaches most areas in Gainesville.

Gators at the University of Florida take home game tailgating very seriously. Overnight, the whole campus is transformed. Past alumni combine with current students to celebrate and prepare for the game. Everywhere you turn, people will be dressed proudly in orange and blue. Make sure to grab some friends and join the festivities. Be aware though, because certain streets will be shut down on game days, making driving more difficult.

While living in a house may seem appealing and cheaper than its counterpart, there are many disadvantages. Because most houses are older, the electrical and HVAC systems may not be as efficient. Therefore, your utility bills have the potential to skyrocket. Further, the age of the home may also cause problems which will require repairs. Your landlord will determine how much you will be responsible for financially, but either way, it will be inconvenient. Student apartments in Gainesville, FL, provide you with the benefits of living in a house (more space and freedom than a dorm room) without the disadvantages of living in an older home.

Each student will need a different amount of space for both their possessions and visitors. Therefore, when you are searching for apartments, it is important to determine how much space you will need. Because of the abundance of apartments in Gainesville, it is easy to find the location with the correct amount of space for you. Luxury apartments in Gainesville, such as The Standard at Gainesville, allow you to pick a floorplan that best suits you. With spacious apartments and individual rooms, you are sure to have plenty of room for visitors.

Living on your own brings many new responsibilities such as paying for utilities. Once the first bill comes, you may be wondering how it became so high (especially in the summer!). There are multiple steps you can take to lower it. First, be aware of your lights — if you are not using a light, turn it off. The same goes for items plugged into the wall. Though you may not think about it, even if items are off they are still using energy if they are plugged in. Finally, be aware of your air conditioning unit. Even though Gainesville can be incredibly warm, and it can be tempting to cool it quickly, it is better to set the A/C at a reasonable temperature and then use fans for any extra cooling you may need. Be sure to use heavy curtains in the summer to keep extra heat from entering east- and west-facing windows.

When living in an apartment, you will have the choice between an individual or joint housing contract. A joint contract charges one bill to your entire apartment. Therefore, you and your roommates will be required to divide the cost between yourselves and pay that amount each month. If one person does not pay, the whole apartment will be penalized. You will want to ensure your roommates are responsible and pay their part, but often joint contracts are cheaper. Individual housing leases can be more expensive but you are only responsible for yourself. Even if you have roommates, it will not matter whether they pay their installment payments or not.

First floor apartments tend to be more desired and therefore they cost more. It can be much more difficult to move all of your stuff in and out of your apartment when you have to walk up one or more flights of stairs. Further, you must make this trip everyday which makes even small tasks, such as bringing home groceries, more laborious. First floor apartments also do not have neighbors below them, so residents have one less thing to worry about.

There are many options for students to exercise. Many student apartments, such as The Standard at Gainesville, provide fitness centers on-site. Therefore, you won’t need to leave your complex to get a quality workout. However, if you prefer to run, there are many trails within Gainesville for a nice jog. Lake Wauburg is available for all UF students and provides activities such as swimming, rock climbing, boating and volleyball.

Living with someone else can provide a unique set of challenges, especially if you are living with a stranger. Getting to know your roommate will help relieve tension and make interactions less difficult. Make sure you begin right away because it will only become more difficult as time goes on and habits form. Try to set up time for you and your new roommate to spend time together once you have moved in. Go get ice cream or explore the new city together. Make sure to leave your door open and spend time in the common areas. This way, even small conversations can start which may lead to laughter and fun. Overall, just be yourself and do not be afraid to initiate — they will need to meet new people as well.

Every apartment has a different policy on pets; some are strictly against them while others may restrict only certain kinds and/or breeds. If you want to bring your pet, it is important to ask each apartment complex when you tour. The Standard at Gainesville, for example, it pet friendly so you never have to part from your furry best friend.

Yes, the best apartments in Gainesville for UF students offer many amenities that facilitate social interaction of residents. The Standard at Gainesville provides rooftop pools, gaming rooms, a racquetball court and clubhouse that provide you with entertainment and an opportunity to get to know your neighbors. Also, be sure to look out for special events hosted by The Standard at Gainesville, such as pool parties, that may be available.

When family comes to town, you may feel pressure to host them and help them to see how great living in Gainesville really is. There are many activities to keep your family entertained and interested. The Museum of Natural History is located on UF’s campus and is full of interesting and educational information. Exhibits even include dinosaur bones and huge shark jaws. The Butterfly Rainforest allows your family to get close with hundreds of butterflies. In the late afternoon, it may be worth taking a trip to travel to Lake Alice. The lake is beautiful and you will most likely see an alligator. Right before sunset, cross the street to the University of Florida Bat Barn. At sunset, hundreds of bats fly together out of their home in search of food. Also, do not forget to take your family out to your favorite restaurants!

Gainesville is a college town, therefore, there are plenty of people who are your age and are open to finding new friends. The most important thing is to be friendly and be willing to initiate. Classes are a perfect place to meet people because you will be with the same people regularly and you already have something in common to talk about. GatorNights is a free event hosted at UF every Friday night. It features activities, free food and a new movie. There are hundreds of students who attend this activity, making it the perfect place to meet people. You can also get involved on campus by joining a club. Not only will this look good on a résumé, but you will meet many people who share your interests. Finally, some apartment complexes, The Standard at Gainesville for example, offer social activities for residents. This is a perfect opportunity to meet new people.

There are many apartments near UF, such as The Standard at Gainesville, that allow you to roll out of bed at the last minute and still reach your class on time. However, if you live farther away, you will need to figure out how to commute everyday. Driving your car is potentially the quickest option; however, you may have trouble finding a parking spot because there are so many professors, students and staff parking in the same area. The RTS buses have an organized system throughout Gainesville to help you reach not only UF campus, but many other destinations within Gainesville as well. As a student, this service is free. Though it may take a bit longer because of many stops, you can use this time to finish up last-minute studying or listen to music. Riding a bike is another popular option. It can be quicker than riding the bus and you will simultaneously get in a workout.

There are plenty of delicious places to eat in Gainesville that you will quickly develop favorites. Though everyone’s taste differs, there are a few restaurants you must visit while in Gainesville. Leonardo’s By The Slice has some of the best pizza in town and is close to UF. The Top is located downtown and is famous for their superb burgers. Be sure to get there early or make reservations because it fills up fast. Though it is a bit farther away, Satchel’s is worth the drive. Their atmosphere is like no other and makes the experience. The pizza at Satchels Pizza is well-known, but be sure to bring cash because they do not take credit cards. If you are looking for more recognizable choices, Archer Road has many popular options such as Outback Steakhouse, Chili’s Grill & Bar, and Bonefish Grill.

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