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Housing for Married Students in Gainesville, FL

Married Student Apartments

For some, college is a chance for students to enjoy freedom and date new people. Therefore, they are looking for Gainesville apartments that allow them to interact with as many people as possible. However, those who are already married face different challenges with finding housing.

Limited Family Housing

Frequently, universities will offer housing for married couples and families. Most of the time, if you are married, you do not want to share an apartment with other students and likewise, they do not want to live with a married couple. However, family UF housing tends to be limited. Once the apartments fill up, married students have to look elsewhere. Even if they do qualify for them, family housing tends to not be up to par with other housing options regarding quality.


Location is a major factor when married students look for a place to live. This is especially true if one of them is working and the other is in school. They want to find a location that fits both of their lifestyles; somewhere that is relatively close to campus but is not too loud for residents who may need to wake up early for work. Further, married students may have a harder time making friends so they need University of Florida student housing that facilitates social interaction. Because married students typically prefer not to live with roommates, they are forced to look for cheaper apartments. Cheaper tends to mean that you end up in the scary part of town. Yet, this is not ideal, especially if they have children.


Due to the combination of a necessity for affordable apartments near UF and the lack of roommates, married students typically opt for cramped and small units. This is particularly difficult because it makes beginning a new life more challenging and both individuals have a harder time getting alone time and their own space. If they have children, married students may not have ample space for their children or to host friends.

Living at The Standard at Gainesville as a Married Student

Though their may be difficulties in finding student housing near UF for those who are married, The Standard at Gainesville has everything you need to become your new home. We have several floorplans so you can choose exactly how much space and how many rooms you need for your lifestyle. The Standard at Gainesville is located near campus so that students do not need to worry about a long commute and you can be close to the student atmosphere. Our variety of amenities will allow you to socialize with other students and make friends without even needing to leave campus. Contact us today to take a tour and you can soon be living an affordable life of luxury.

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