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What to Look for When Choosing a Student Apartment

Choosing a Gainesville Student Apartment

Choosing a new apartment can be thrilling. You are effectively picking the setting for all of the experiences you will have for the next year. All of the late night study sessions, movie nights and roommate memories will all have your new student housing near UF. Yet, there are many factors to consider before you make the final decision.

Floorplan Layouts

The main function of an apartment is that it is a place for you to sleep, eat and bathe. Therefore if you are unhappy with the layout of an apartment, this should be a major concern when you are making your final decision. You will want the option that has the correct number of rooms for you and your roommates. The Standard at Gainesville floorplans range from one bedroom to six bedrooms so you can choose the one that works best for you.


Each Gainesville student living option has something different to offer. You will want to consider the available amenities when you are considering your budget. Many services included in rent, you would be spending anyway. The Standard at Gainesville, for instance, offers use of a state-of-the-art fitness center, computer lab, tanning beds and a rooftop pool.


If you are set on bringing your furry companion with you to your Gainesville student apartments, you will want a facility that will allow them because not every does. At The Standard at Gainesville, you are permitted to bring your pet but you will be required to pay a security deposit in order to pay for extra cleaning and repairs.


If you do not feel safe in your new apartment, it will never feel like home. Your apartment should be a haven that you retreat to not one that you are afraid to enter or be in. Make sure that you drive by each of your options both at night and during the day to ensure that there is no suspicious activity nearby. At The Standard at Gainesville, we work hard to make sure you always feel secure. Each of our buildings and units require electronic access so no unwanted visitors are able to come in without you letting them in.


Unfortunately, Gainesville has a parking problem. There are thousands of students who own cars and not enough parking spots to support them. Make sure that your potential apartments near UF offer parking. The Standard at Gainesville has a parking garage attached to the building and you can purchase a permit to use it freely. Be sure to sign up for one once you sign your contract so you never have to worry about finding a spot.


Location is one of the most important factors in choosing housing. If it is too far away from campus, you will be regretting your decision all year long or if there are no stores or restaurants nearby, you be greatly inconvenienced. You will not have to worry about these problems at The Standard at Gainesville because we are near UF for an easy commute and are partnered with many stores so you can shop without ever needing to leave the property.

Factors to Consider for Your Next UF Student Apartment

Make sure you take your time when you are choosing your new luxury apartments in Gainesville, FL. The decision you make will affect you for the entire length of your lease. The Standard at Gainesville has all of the amenities and features to help you make the most of your time in college. Contact us today to take a tour.

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