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Why Your Credit Score Matters As a Renter

Jun 22nd, 2017

Unfortunately, when it comes to finances, there are many terms and factors that can be difficult to understand. Because money can be a stressful topic, it may be hard to remain motivated to learn about these topics...  Read More


5 Things to do Before You Move Out

Jun 15th, 2017

Once you officially decide where you are moving, it can easy to have tunnel vision and only focus on your new student housing in Gainesville, FL. You cannot wait to decorate it or maybe you want to enjoy your new pool... Read More


Best Way to Clean Your Apartment

Jun 8th, 2017

Very few people on this earth enjoy cleaning their Gainesville student apartments. However, it is a necessary task that we all must do, especially when we move out on our own... Read More


Pros & Cons of Having a Pet in College

May 30th, 2017

As humans, we love having pets because they are loyal, comforting and give us something to provide care for. Though caring for them provides us with purpose, it is also a huge responsibility... Read More


Best Lighting for Your Apartment

May 22nd, 2017

When it comes to preparing your Gainesville student living, most likely you are concerned with how you will decorate your room and if you have all of the essentials in your kitchen to cook a proper meal... Read More