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5 Things to Do Before Moving

How to Properly Move Out of Your Student Apartment

Once you officially decide where you are moving, it can easy to have tunnel vision and only focus on your new student housing in Gainesville, FL. You cannot wait to decorate it or maybe you want to enjoy your new pool? It is good to be excited for the future, but you need to make sure that you successfully move out of your old residence first so you part with your management on good terms.

1. Review Your Lease

Before you do anything else, you must first review your contract. It will notify you of everything you are required to do. The lease will note the necessary steps you must take to give your landlord notice and how much time you have to do so. It will also disclose any policies on necessary repairs, professional cleaning services, trash disposal, utility transfers and what date you must move out on.

2. Plan Ahead

It is vital that you sit down and make a list of everything you must accomplish before you leave. Otherwise, you might forget a step that will keep you from getting your security deposit back in full or will cause your management to give a negative review when future landlords call. During this time, you can also schedule when you are moving your stuff out so that you will have time to clean your Gainesville student housing without your belongings in the way.

3. Moving Everything Out

You must make sure that absolutely everything is out of your unit. Do not leave any unwanted furniture or trash behind. Though your old bookshelf may be difficult to carry out, you will be charged for anything you leave behind. When you think you have finished, do a final walk through of your University of Florida student housing where you open every cabinet, drawer and closet and verify there is no sign that you ever lived there.

4. Make Necessary Repairs

For any extra effort your landlord has to exert, more money will be removed from your security deposit. It is more beneficial to do as much as you can yourself. Replace light bulbs, fill in holes in your walls and remove scuffs and dirt from walls. If you painted any walls when you moved in, you will need to paint them back to their original color before you move out. Whatever repairs you are capable of doing yourself will be cheaper than if your landlord does it for you.

5. Clean Thoroughly

Most apartments in Gainesville, FL hire professional cleaners to prepare each unit for the next tenant. However, if you leave any unnecessary mess, the fees will be removed from your security deposit. In order to receive your money back in full, make sure that you clean extensively. Hopefully, you have been regularly cleaning your apartment throughout your lease so the task should not be as difficult. However, if there is any build up, you will want to remove it and make all surfaces appear as new as possible. Do not forget areas such as behind the toilet, inside of cabinets or the shelves inside your freezer and refrigerator.

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